Paragraph: P

The most fundamental difference between HTML 2.0 and 3.0 is that the 3.0 DTD (as with most other SGML applicatoins) uses more of a container model. Such as, the P tag is now a container, not a separator as in 2.0. Means, for ex, can attach attributes to a paragraph object. Ie: <P TYPE="WARNING"> to signal that that paragraph is to be rendered in a special way. See STYLE options below for more.


STYLE -- Choose the kind of icon to decorate the paragraph with.
"TIMED": A silly active clock icon.
"QUOTE", "MARGIN", "NORMAL": not useful.

They various paragraph styles appear this way in ViolaWWW:

Usage example:

<P STYLE="NOTE" ALIGH="CENTER">Mine field ahead!</P> <XMP> <P> See Chapter 14 for information on stylesheets. <HR> <H1>Paragraph Formatting Break: BR</H1> ... <HR> <P><A HREF=""> Test sample</A>.