Table Tags: TABLE, TCAP, TH, TD, TR,TB

This markup:

<HTML><BODY> <P> After the HTML+ RFC document: <TABLE border> <TCAP align="right">Figure 1: An Example of a Table</TCAP> <TH rowspan=2><TH colspan=2>average <TH rowspan=2>other category<TR> <TH>height<TH>weight<TR> <TH align="left">males<TD>1.9<TD>.003<TD>yyy<TR> <TH align="left">females<TD>1.7<TD>.002<TD>xxx </TABLE> </BODY></HTML>

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And this markup:

<HTML><BODY> <TABLE border> <TCAP top>Use of the PRE tag</TCAP> <TH>HTML Source</TH><TH>Output</TH><TR> <TB> <TD> <EXAMPLE><PRE> Hello, Hello <EM>there</EM> world. <B>bam!</B> good bye. </PRE></EXAMPLE> </TD> <TD> <PRE> Hello, Hello <EM>there</EM> world. <B>bam!</B> good bye. </PRE> </TD><TR> </TABLE> </BODY></HTML>

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Test sample,